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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
Hey physio which mercy program in Iowa? There's 2
The one in Des Moines.
Hi guys
I am mother of three and working full time
Still working on my application for match this year
Any one can help me for the list of FM or IM
This is too much for me to to make that list I am spending so many hours every night ....
I even tried those companies they are charging too much money now
YOG more than 10 years got 203/237/ Cs all first attempt
Any input will be appreciated
Hi saadia,
I am in same boat with YOG issue, so I applied to as many programs as possible around 100 . My intention was that I cannot change my YOG, and many programs don't even update regularly . What about u'r visa requirements?
Thank you for your interest in the University of Wyoming Family Medicine
Residency Program at Casper. We have reviewed your ERAS application. At this
time, we are not offering you an interview. Your application will be kept on
file. Due to a high volume of applications, we are not able to comment on
individual applications.

that's what I got, looks encrypted!! LoL
@sadia and physiology: we're on the same boat in year of grad. Still waiting for my application to be completed. I do have a question. I have uploaded my documents (LOR)but it's still not uploaded on the eras post office. Can I still apply or should I wait for it to be uploaded to post office? Thanks.
I got a email from FM dept- University of Minnesota- FM and community hospitals . They have asked me to fill up an supplemental application form- what does that mean? Please any suggestions
@physiology333: I got that last year and didn't hear from them ever again!
U cannot apply at this stage coz u'r lor's should be made available to programs after processed by post office. It may take 2-3 days I think . In ADTS , u will see u'r lor authors and the checkbox next to them should be enabled for u to select and apply .

@ drpepper,
Lol.....! U saved my day........
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