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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
But should I fill the form?
got acknowledgement from
- Univ of alabama(Huntsville)
Got my first rejection letter from

Thank you for your application and interest in our Family Medicine training program. The number of applications for the 2015 NRMP Match has resulted in a very competitive pool of applications.

Unfortunately, you have not received an interview for the 2015 NRMP Match.

We wish you the best in your continued journey in medicine.

Allina Health - United Family Medicine Residency
St. Paul, MN
I see folks getting frustrated while getting rejection from Alina. Common guys that program have 0% IMG. I would not expect from them unless I hve really good CV. I am an old grad with average to decent score and no needs of visa. I only found 30 FM program that meets my requirement. Good luck to you all
@nomad ,
Same letter and same wordings for me too, that was my first rejection letter .
I submitted the form from MN FM programs, I think I am going to have fun.
I was laughing so hard when i got this letter because just this morning physiology333 posted about the rejection letter. I didn't think it was that fast for meSmile
another funny thing is that they sent me the email twice as if I didn't get it the first time Smile
We'll it seems they want u but don't want u too at same time.
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