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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
think of it this way physiology333, their lost and our gains. There are way better programs that waiting for us...better pay, good working and learning environments, good salary and nice working hours...all are waiting for us Smile We'll make it.
Did u apply to MN programs(FM)
yeah same program as you. Allina Health that's why it is funny Smile
U r funny, thanks for cheering us up.
Talllahasee refection : (
@physiology333: I wonder if its the same questions like last year lol
I think it is the same questionnare , asking about why interest in their program,clinical experience in US, no of hrs / wk, scores,attempts , any outside US clinical experience etc

Hmmmm I can't remember if those were the same questions I had. Doesn't sound familiar.
I think that those r generic ques to all , whom they r not going to give interview calls .It is a survey for them, LOL.....
Any one with YOG more than 10 years like to she his or her list of hospitals got FM
That will be great help for coz since I am still working on my application
It's too much work for me spending so many nights already and working full day
Won't able to make my own list so far
So depressed
Any one ?
Thank you so much
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