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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis

I have sent an email to you. I do not know you are IMG or not. My list is for IMGs, graduated long ago. I covered east Coast and Midwest. Good luck!

I have two kids, moved to the USA because my husband received a posctdoc position. I know how hard is it with kids.....
Hi Everyone,

I have also applied in 10 programs for FM not very hopeful as my YOG is 2008. I donno if I could apply for more programs.... Kindly advice. still no news from the programs yet.
LIST YOUR CREDENTIALS so we can advise you, but if you have one of these factors below: you will need 100 programs, not 10 (Lord have mercy...not even US graduates apply to 10 friends applied 40 programs, us graduates, research and published, honors on gpa)

Here are the factors:
1. IMG? BETTER apply 100 ATLEAST
2. IMG and no VISA? 200 at least
3. IMG, no visa, has been out or graduated over 3 years? 300 at least
4. All of the above plus low score? God helps you...hit as much as programs as you can and pray to God to give you strengths. Practice for interview intensely.
has anyone applied to/heard from:
1-Baptist Outreach Montgomery
2-Bronx Lebanon
3-Mc laren-flint
4-Allegheny alabama
@nomad can u post some IMG friendly program who do sponsor visas? ive applied to a few but i wana apply to more
they downloaded my applications but no i haven't heard anything from them. Honestly, i don't have a list that sponsor visa because when i searched the programs i didn't look at the visa requirement because i am a us citizen...went to caribbean school. I am more than confident that there is someone out there with a list. keep asking and keep googling.
No news so far...
I agree you have to apply as much programs as you can afford. But usually ~150-200 is enought, just by observation, you can consider a successful IMG aplication when you have 10% of interviews, and I don't know anybody who has had over 15 to 20 Interviews. So your chances of marching don't change over 200, what do you think ??
no news so far....
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