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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
212 (second attempt) 218 first attempt and step 3 pending results. No visa needed. Applied to 170 programs and already 2 rejections fml.
ack from PIH Health
what does PIH HEALTH mean?
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, in California
Ok, i did not apply for CA PROGRAMS, thanks.

@physiology: thanks.
@jungle001 what about ur yog and experiecne in the US?
Got the email from Univ Minesota about filling that online form.What is the significance of that?
@realist 123,
i got the form in morning ,filled it up and sent, but do not know the significance.
guys dont get disappointed about rejections. Remember, suppose you applied to 150 programs, youll get maybe around 10 interviews if youre a good candidate....thats 140 rejections, whether or not they send the rejection. Only about 20% of programs send rejection emails. Interviews keep coming until December and January even so dont get discouraged if you dont get an interview in september or even october. Just because someone heard back from a program and you didnt doesnt mean youve for sure been rejected. They dont sit and read all 2000-4000 applications at once. They break it up and theyll make their decision when they get a chance to get to your app. If youre a mediocre applicant (which most people are) they may put your application on hold to review again later in the application cycle after they get the outstanding candidates out of the way. Its a rough process but try not to stress and try not to read into every little thing. Person A might hear back from a program in Oct and person B may not hear back until December from the sam eprogram even if they applied the same day. Take everything everyone is writing, who theyre hearing from, the number of interviews they have already, etc lightly because you still have time. The process JUST began. its only day 2....if you go crazy now how will the next 4 months be!??
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