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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
I too applied at the Iowa FM Program but did not get filtered.I am more than 5 years but working in Australia now.
@Dr.Datta: Can you share your mle scores with me? I have 209 on step 1 and thinking of applying FM next year so want to ask you..
Good morning everyone Smile another day is upon us, let's hope for some good news today. As for me my inbox has been quiet, no rejections or ivs as of yet.
Hi. I applied to 31 FM positions. IMG, YOG 2005, low Step 1, better Step 2., one year observership.
I have carefully read every program`s requirements and applied to programs where I meet the criteria. But a lot of programs say rhey do not have graduation cut-off year or USMLE score preference......
Rejection Univ of Wyoming
Hi All! Goodluck Smile I would rather hear back from programs and get rejected, than not hear at all...I applied last year and a lot of the programs I applied to didn't even send an email at all...Rather have some type of acknowledgement!
Yea i guess a rejection is better than not hearing anything at all. So depressing to read the first few sentences..."We regret to inform you blah blah blah." Ok then you're missing out on a great potential resident, on to the other programs!
Rejection from Mercy FM program ( Iowa)......keep going
1st activity on my inbox... acknowledgement U of Alabama huntsville program.
Congrats to u...
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