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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22


Lets keep everyone updated regarding Invite and Rejection for IM this will help among us to see how things going.

Good luck to All!

I have heard NOTHING from programs. no invites or rejects

and this makes SENSE to me! its only day 1!!

but i am SHOCKED with people saying they are getting emails from PDs, maybe invites/rejections???
oops, sorry alexa, I didn't see this until I posted mine- would have avoided a new thread had I seen yours!
Good luck everyone
no worries alexa. out of 256 programs that I had applied. 95 percent downloaded. so far today i got one

Good for you that you were able to apply to so many programs. Hopefully you will get some serious interviews soon. Keep us posted. Good luck!
Patience game
Other specialties like FM, pediatrics, psychiatry already started to receive rejections. It's too early in the season to receive already interviews but programs can send rejections already if our app did not pass their filters.

So no rejections so for any IM applicants?
Hi, guys!
I applied for 191 programs yesterday afternoon, and so far 24 programs still haven't retrieved my file.
That's all the news as of today, no rejections, no aknowledgements, and of course no IVs.

Oh, and out of these 191 programs 160 are IM (the rest are FM)
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