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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22
Got acknowledgement from Allegiance Health just a few minutes ago: "We are in receipt of your application"
acknowledgements from pinnacle and alleigance health.
aknowledgement from Alleigence health!!!
yeah physiology333
Thank you All for the updates.

I did not apply to PinnacleHealth, Mayo Clinic or Allegiance Health as I did not find those programs to be IMG friendlly.

Well Mayo does not take IMG's I suppose.
hi pfo and doc_d21- did you guys also get like this? ...
'Thank you for applying ... We are in receipt of your application.
We will be reviewing your application and we will contact you if we need more
information or to schedule an interview..'- Administrative Director

Is this a very generic auto mail? For me this is the first response email and I don't know what to make of this, though I feel it is very generic, I feel a little excited that atleast they will review the application and din't sound like a rejection!
One Q, do you guys email to the program on any response like this?

Acknowledgments don't mean anything but confirmation that the program received your application. It's all generic. That might be the first and the last message from a program. Most programs don't send rejections.
dont respond to acknowledgements, youll just irritate the coordinator and PD. all it is, is a generic courtesy email to let you know they received your app and its sent to everyone who applied to their program, though some people receive it sooner and some later but it means nothing. some programs send it some dont .
thanks alexa. should we respond to their email about our interest in that program? Or, is it not considered good to email them?
I am very desperate. This is my 3rd year applying and don't know how far I can take it. Feeling very depressed during match season- almost like seasonal affective disorder already setting in! Trying too kill that feel with lots of exercise to feel good!
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