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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22
all right, thanks sys !
acknowledgements are as empty as a dry pond. You cannot quench ur thirst from it. Hold ur nerves tight. U will need it for the entire season. To answer the question "yes i got the same email as you did".
Ack are a polite way of Rejecting.
Generic filters that they have.
I do not know of anyone in the last match who got ack & then iv from the same Programme
Did anyone get an email from Bridgeport hospital thanking one for applying to the categorical track and at the same time informing about their preliminary track? This email has rejection written all over it.
No such email
Wat does it say??
Hey guys.. Ack is generic response. Neither a rejection nor acceptance for ivew.. Just ignore it
Got same email from bridgeport/yale acknowledging the receipt of categorical application and advertising to apply to preliminary. I don't understand whether they want us to apply for it or just want to advertise the newly open spots for 2015?
I dint get such email..though I did apply there.
i got another email from bridgeport/yale saying the previous email was for information only and applications will be reviewed and we will be contacted for interview if it interests them but it was just to inform others interested for preliminary only positions. I am personally not going to waste another 25 $ for it. Hope someone here got similar responses. I never did and never will contact them unless they send me an interview invite Smile . have to calm myself down again .
Got third email and it confirms my previous suspicion precisely :

Sorry for the confusion. If you applied to our categorical positions your application will be reviewed for categorical. We were just letting you be aware of our preliminary spots (NOT TO APPLY TO THEM, JUST BE AWARE FOR July 2015). The preliminary positions are for applicants that need just one year of medicine before they transfer to a subspecialty (dermatology, neurology, radiology etc). The email was not intended to reject your application OR ENCOURAGE YOU TO APPLY TO PRELIMINARY. ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED FOR CATEGORICAL POSITIONS. If you apply for preliminary we’ll review your application for preliminary.


Elsa Riccio
Program Coordinator
David J. Lobo, MD, Program Director
Department of Medicine
Bridgeport Hospital/Yale New Haven Health
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