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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22
I got the same e-mails from Bridgeport/Yale, and it seemed to me that Elsa didn't really know what she was doing.
Troublemaker could you please check that what is the bridgeport font color in adts?? Is it black or grey??
Does anyone know what is the difference between the black and grey colors for programs?
I have one program Not yet retrieved.... is it normal???
@ sandy282

It's purplish/grayish, not black like other progs, and I was wondering what that means, too.
Its so confusing..maybe they downloaded the app and will consider you for interview..
Mine is also purple, but I dint get acknowledgement.
GL @ troublemaker
As per ERAS, the color difference has nothing to do with whether a program is downloading your app or not. It is to do with your browser. So dont look too much into it. Just something random with the browsers. Hope this puts some of you at ease.
i applied in 125 IM programs and 2 of them still say "not yet retrieved"
the remaining are 50% blue/purple/grayish and 50% black.

the purplish ones say that MSPE is retrieved but not view-able till October.
the black ones don't say this thing.

so it cant be just a browser difference.

In my opinion, the blue/grey writing is the program that truly fully downloaded the application, and the black one is the program that has started downloading applications but hasnt downloaded my application.

the ones that say not yet retrieved might possible the ones who haven't downloaded any application till now.

anyone else shares this opinion?
blue/purple/black - is a million dollar ques for this season.
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