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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22
sorry, i got my answer regarding the color diff from another thread on this forum.
thanks Smile
If the color is black, it means the whole application was retrieved, if the MSPE is "Retrieved but not viewable until October 1st release" then it is in purple/grey
thanks, Sandy, good luck to you too and to everybody in this thread.
Why do IMGs even waste their money applying to Ivy League institutes.
Look at their profile, do they have any IMGs in any residency?
Last year there were applicants with 260+ scores who had IV from some Ivy Progs but matched elsewhere.
So, if anyone matches this year in some of the top Progs, they should put it on this forum, else, ask all IMGs to apply in a realistic manner.
You are right, there are some Progs that do send out IVs after sending acks, BUT those are against cancellations towards the end of the IV season.
If you say your Prog has sent acks to all - I am plesantly surprised & wish other Progs would also be that considerate
Good luck for today for everyone Smile Fresh morning and fresh hope/faith that we will get an invitation =)
In order to understand the grey/blue/black issue on eras, google 'web-based PDWS". It's a new system ERAS developed for the 2015 cycle. Some programs have switched to it while others are still using the "old PDWS". This will clarify the confusion once and for all.
Thanks and GL to everyone!
Rejection today from Capital Health Regional Medical Center, NJ.
alexa when did u get it?
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