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IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014-2015 - alexa22
Thank you for submitting your Internal Medicine Residency Application to Capital Health Regional Medical Center for the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Regrettably, we will not be able to offer you a residency interview this year. Our office has received many applications from individuals who have many excellent qualifications and we are unable to meet with all of them.

Internal Medicine Residency Program
Capital Health Regional Medical Center

I got it this morning at 9.15 am.
@ alexa
Capital Health Regional Medical Center does not support H1 or J1 visas so I didn't apply to this one as I need visa.

Good luck everyone!

I applied there because they have 100% IMGs in their program. I don't need visa.
Thanks Alexa22. and wishing you all the best.

I personally don't get, why some programs like IMGs but don't like to support H1 or J1 visa.
Because there are IMGs who don't need visa and the programs don't want to deal with sponsoring visa

Yes. I don't understand either how some programs like IMGs but they don't sponsor any least they can sponsor a J1 visa.

Good luck to you too!

This is the rejection time until the end of September. Most interview invitations will start coming beginning of October.
Yes, that's exactly my point, J1 is done by ECFMG so the programs should be supporting that.
@ panda4

they are doing this because there are US citizens and Green card holders and resident i USA who are IMGs.. so they are alot and they have priority after AMGs
i think capital health sent a mass rejection.
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