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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
any further rejections?whats the prbable time of expecting any response
Hi--guys just be patient! it is a long waiting time so do not expect to get your invitations in 2-3 days.
People in the programs are just human beings and they have other responsibilities to cope with not just our application forms. Leave your computers and application forms and ERAS and go do something else.
Keep in your mind the following:

1- AMG are going to have their favorite places and this is by default!
2- Some programs will hold our apps for later on so no news may mean we are kept for later dates or later opinions.
3- Some programs do not send any email unless they invite a candidate for interview and this is kind of frustrating issue especially if you are expecting something from this program;however, we have no other choice!

So, in the time being try to keep yourself busy with your publications, jobs, or any other thing! if you just came to the states go and discover the place you are living in now or visit near cities.

All the best for all of you and me tooSmile
my first psych rejection last year was on October 1.At that time, I had around 10 rej from IM and FM programs, so Psych kinda takes it easy.So, relax everybody and have a great weekend! Cheers!

not to sound paranoid but student network forum shows psy residency started interviewing AMGs already... sucks being IMG =(
I agree with mindful's advice.
It's also possible programs are getting far more DO applications this year.

Freaking out won't help.

I'm going to study and prepare for interviews. If there are only a few interviews, I'm going to be prepared.
Awfully quiet on this thread, guys :-)
rejection from university of Utah
It seems programs are slow to download applcations or is it just me? Programs like george washigton university, University of missippi, Jamaica, university of florida, Jacksonville and lots more.
fmg123: these programs haven't downloaded ur app or what?
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