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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Yes they haven't. Thats why I am worried
Hi everybody,

Nothing for me yet and I consider it as a good sign!

Last year first ivs in psycho started 24-25 September and if take into consideration this year ERAS glitch we should expect smth next week or for somebody with great credentials very end of this week.
Any rejections that come this week so yearly usually mass rejections from IMG not friendly programs or automatic rejections like for visa/yog reasons

fmg123: when did u applied..mines downloaded by these programs

when did you apply? In your list, I only applied to U of FL jacksonville. With that program, they downloaded on 9/15 @10 am EST. You must not have applied on 9/15 ? Programs usually have a certain sched when they download programs.There's no specific timeline.
Hi fmg123,

I applied U of Fl Jacksonville on 16th and they downloaded 18/9

I applied 9/17. Thanks
fmg-do not worry! I have 2 programs (not in your list) haven't downloaded my application yet.

I think every program has certain strategy to deal with the high number of applications!

Try to relax and do something productive!

All the best Smile
Thanks EVERYONE. Hope for the best.
Anyone with PSYCH interviews?
qwerty8688- relax my friend if anyone will have an interview we will BRAG about it loll
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