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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
@reefer3003 when did you get those invite, if you don't mind my asking?
In October @psychmatch2. Are you interviewing at any of those programs?
Nope, at a couple other NY programs, but not those so I was just curious, haven't heard from them
No rejections today so far, but there's still time (*sarcastic face*)
Is it safe to say that if you get a ERAS message where you have to login to Message Center to see it, it's likely a rejection. If they want to interview you you'll get a direct email or phone call, right?
Hi footyfan, it's not always the case. you can get iv through ERAS inbox as well.

@nckd..How did your interview at Elmhurst go? Hope you did well!
@ footyfan99

No, I got an interview invitation directly through ERAS. I prefer it that way, because when I got invitations via my personal e-mail I thought for a second that it's spam. I'm clearly paranoid at this point!
Does Bronx Lebanon Psychiatry program offer Visa or preferred GC holder?

Please anybody have some information?
@drsbg. On their website it's stated that applicants have to be citizen or gc holder. I didn't apply there based on that. I am not sure if they have changed rules recently!
@Naturallycrazy: I have applied most of the programs of NewYork and It is one of them.. I thought let me take a chance
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