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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Hang on guys.. First 2 weeks of November will be crucial. I hope we will be posting some IV by then Smile). Good luck..
Rejection from Rush University
Awfully quiet on the psych timeline.
212/221/Pass (All first attempt)
YOG 2002, MD in home country
Green Card, US LOR's, 8 months USCE
Applied last week of October.
Only 1 IV at St Elizabeth Psych
Rejections- Cleveland Clinic, Univ of Buffalo, Boston Univ, Univ of Wisconsin, Univ of Tennessee.
Week totally silent!

@naturallycrazy my IV was aceptable, now it is time to wait...any idea how long it will take to heard from them?
Nkcd..Glad to know ur iv went well. I was told they start sending offers out in December. Did you talk about it with the PD during the interview? Let's keep eachother updated and hopefully we both will be inSmile
that's not going to change anything. at least not in your life time.
Contacted CMU today, YOG 2012 doesn't meet their selection criteria.
Confirmed they have a few iv slots left

Good luck
Hi Guys,
I have applied for psychiatry too. I need a partner to practice interview. Let me know who wants to practice by Skype.
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