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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Yep, the amgs, DOs & carribean grads
theres some carribean grads here
Thanks guys! Hopefully there are many seats available at many programs.
I got put on waitlist for institute of living hartford, now I am not sure if anyone will cancel interviews there, so just as a general message if you are not going to any iv please make sure to cancel, I am sure many have no is and just hanging hope on the waitlists . Sad
Has anyone interviewed at Bronx - Lebanon?
My interview soon & don't know how to prepare.
I would truly appreciate the guidance & help!

Thanks guys!!!
Does anybody got anything in the past week? does that mean they are done with sending the IVs
Its been soo silent and its frustrating.
I got waitlisted and thats it, nothing else.
ohh ok that's good atleast u got that.
Rej from university of Washington. I actually dunno why i applied to such a top notch program!
Waitlisted for georgia regents program.
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