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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Just had a talk with PC of UCLA-Kern Medical Center Program.

They have filled their all interview slots for 5 positions.

Hi guys, I was wondering what happens if you are offered a prematch at one program, but you have an interview at another prematch program that you like more 1 week later? I am guessing most of those programs want an answer quick. Can I say I accept but then later change my mind? Would love your thoughts! Thanks.
I don't believe you can turn back on prematch offer.
@footyfan99 did you get a offer ?
When they offer prematch they usually give 2-3 wks for your decision so if you are able to make a deal with other program you are ok. Until you sign a contract you will be fine. Good luck
Hi wha r those 2 programs which started offering prematches? Is Elmhurst one of them?
Another program director issue message. Great job.
No offers here. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself, but in case I get an offer I wanted to be prepared on how to respond. Wasn't sure of the prematch expectations.
Anybody interested to practice IV for Psychiatry?Add me on skypy as frank_gnr please.
Hello everyone !
I am intrested In pschiatry residency
For next yr . Can anybody tell me that at wht scores does people getting IV calls ??
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