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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Ack from New York Presbyterian Hospital
Presbytarian has sent me Ach 2 times. First on Sept 19 and today.
@ faith
Its my 1st time, r u a Green card holder?
I am a US Citizen. But, it really doesn't matter to the Programs anymore.

it doesnt mater if ou ar GC or Citizen.. but it matter if you have either..i think this prog does not sponsor visa.
@ strugle

I agree if one has GC or US Citizenship, its almost the same thing at least to Programs, But, what I meant to say was, the programs don't care abt one's status anymore.
I mean, they want high fi scores along with GC/US Citizen. My scores are not high fi. The GC/Citizenship would matter to them only, If one has high scores.

well high scores goes for IM,
Psychiatry usualy less competitive.. in terms of scores i dont think they CAN get high score applicant....more positions are available in IM
I hope, your words come true for all of us and we all get IVs.
guys believe or not psych is equally competitive these days and they prefer high score candidates with no attempts. GC/US citizen doesn't matter these days. But lets be hopeful ..
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