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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Same here. Rej SIU. being long since I received 2 rejections in one day.
Rejection SIU and Institute of Living/Hartford
@ mar1999,

The adage goes "if you don't buy the ticket, you can't win the lotto." Not applying next year only guarantees you one thing, that you will certainly not match next year.

I don't know your story but mine isn't pretty at all. I don't have anything close to decent credentials, didn't match last year, and I applied this year to 70 programs strictly by faith. My Inbox has been largely silent with sprinkles of rejections and acknowledgments here and there. I kept my head up and one day told God what I really felt about all this but that I had not given up on Him so is He really about to give up on me? I stopped participating as much on this forum. Well, in the past week I have gotten two interview invites, one today.

Giving up is the sure way to rob yourself of something you could have gotten. Here's my solemn advice, go all out and start an aggressive networking campaign. Meet doctors and build relationships. Attend grand rounds at hospitals that have programs and just do things that will bring you in contact with other doctors and residents. You may even have to pester some and it is okay.

If not you, I hope I have inspired someone today to not walk away from something that they have always felt strongly about (that includes your spouse :-) Pray!
Congrats this-dr!! That's great news.
Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum. Credentials
239/230/225/ CS 1st go/YOG 2011 USCE: 3 month Externship at Accredited Programs+ 1 research (7 months)+ 1 abstract submitted
5 IVs so far
1. Charitas St. Elizabeth, Boston
2. Case Western, Ohio
3. Rutgers, Newark
4. Oklahoma Uni
5. Uni of Illinois, Peoria
anyone on the waiting list of Southerb Illinois University?? I mean did anyone get an email saying that they are on the waiting list of SIU, the greatest program ever on the earth ??
yes I did.
Has anyone heard from Marsahll Uni West Virginia Program ? Is it an IMG friendly program or not ?
@ USAUSA: can u share ur credentials ??
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