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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
IV slots are full in Univ of South FL
Hopefully there is still hope for us. It's been so quiet lately
Bacterial endocarditis (Endocarditis) - High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know
is a localized infection of the endocardium
characterized by vegetations involving the valve leaflets or walls.
It can also be classified as acute (ABE) or subacute (SBE).
Infection of healthy valves by high-virulence organisms
Produces metastatic foci
Usually fatal if not treated within 6 weeks
Most common organism is S. aureus (MCQ)
Seeding of previously damaged valves (rheumatic heart disease, con-
genital valve defects: mitral valve prolapse)
caused by low-virulence organisms
Does not produce metastatic foci
Most common organism is Streptococcus viridans (MCQ)
Mitral valve is most often affected(MCQ)
Read more at news4medico dot com/endocarditis/
1132 High Yeild Topics for USMLE
any body heard from NY Metropolitain psych program?
@ hba... they r still reviewing the applications..
Got an IV at St John's Episcopal in NY. The e-mail offered my a fixed IV slot, so I suppose this is a slot that has been cancelled by someone else. They are not part of the match

Does anyone have any info on this program?
Have anyone heard from Larkin community hospital, Miami? or any other psych program in Miami?
Miami is silently cold this season
I think the fact of not having step 3 done hurts a lot in psych applications
IV at Wayne State Univ, Detroit
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