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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Got a phone interview request, whatever that means. But guess it's definitely not over, i think people are starting to cancel
Which program is it if you dont mind askin
I'm sorry but since I'm pretty sure it's just screening to see if they want to invite me in person, I'd rather not for now, hope you understand!
No prob. GL!
hi everyone- have anyone heard from Delaware psychiatry residency program?
Also, I have emailed many psych residency programs but I haven't received any response . I understand that it may be a silent rejection or may be they just do not reply but also they replied to other candidates in a way or another.

Any idea?

Thank you!
I've started emailing programs to and haven't had any luck I was talking with a psychiatry resident who matched last year. And she got 3 more interview invites in Dec/Jan. That gives me some hope that it's not over yet.
After a long wait IV at Nassau. Don't loose hope guys. I am hoping for at least one more in Dec and Jan.
Good luck
@mroops :

why didn't u get prematch from Jamaica ?

Congrats. It still gives us some hope. I hope we still get a few invites.
Thanks Mitch-md. @ fallingstar it is difficult to answer your question. Only PD knowsSmile). Probably they have better candidate than me but I am not worried as I hve much better programs. Hopefully we all will match to the place where we want. Good luck
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