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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
@durraam00, do you want to practice interview together? My skype ID is lovepsych1.
@ step3and

There is nothing really to practice. Just be yourself.
I also have Wayne State IV on the 22nd. I'm assuming you are at Henry Ford also (as opposed to DMC)?


Yes, at Henry Ford.
Has anyone received a prematch from Bronx Lebanon yet?
My best friend interviewed there 2 weeks ago and was told that out of the 5 positions they had already offered one prematch to some amazing I guess 4 positions are left but I have realised tha. People who get into prematch programs do not advertise it so we are all left guessing.
anyone who have been interviewed at KUMC please leave your email/ skype to contact.
Anyone interested in interview practice please add me on skype
ID is Hope7636.
hi can everyone(IMG's) please share following things:

1. number of interviews in psych.
2. scores and attempts in all steps.
3. no. of research experiences.
4. no. of externship experiences.
5. no. of publications.
6. visa status.
7. have you taken step3.

Thnx in advance.

Bronx Lebanon psych: all interviews are done by last weekend. They are sending out offers this week. Anyone got prematched offer, please just let others know. Thanks
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