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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
@qwerty8688 is your friend (who get interview from staten island) an IMG ? visa status?
one trend at least i am noticing is most of img psych applicants haven't heard back from most of places they applied. so i am remaining hopeful as of now. I am counting on to hear back from programs beginning on first week of october. Until then, just being patient.
IMG, needs visa @codon_1
are you sure ? as they don't sponsor visa , its o there website
"Citizen or permanent resident – we do not sponsor any type of visas "
Does anybody know how many applications on average psych residency program get ?
a ton for the relatively fewer positions they have available. It "used to be" a less competitive specialty.
Got my first denial last year on 9/24/2013. My interview invites came at the end of October. So this year is not necessarily odd. Hang in there guys.
My self esteem is at all time low right now lol
@codon_1: u r right. she is a GC holder
Hello Guys...Nice to see that you all are putting some efforts....I would like to contribute as well....
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