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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
@psychismine and dear friends,

Kindly advice me :: my credentials are YOG-2005/ SCORES-23/235/CSA-1ST ATTEMPT/210/ need visa. No specialist post grad experence , have been working in a small rural clinic since my graduation.

I am very interested in psychiatry, but i do not have any usce and psychiatry experience , i hve sent many emails looking for the same , but was successful.

plz advice me whether my YoG nd lack of experience would be a red flag in applying for psychiatry residency

and also plz advice me where and how to apply for psy usce..........

I sincerely need help as i do not have any frnds who r doing residency in USA , this forum is all i have been banking upon since my step 1 days

Congratulation to those who matched and don't loose hope for those who didn't.

Matched on 2nd time. I posted my credentials before also

2014/212/225/pass/215/GC/ 5 month psy exp/ 6 IV in psy only--> matched.

Hopefully stylus and all other who contributed this thread so much matched
Cong to everybody, hard luck to the unmatched results
2 inv
215/234/ cs pass second attemp
2nd year trying to match
Matched this year
218/215/pass/211 first go
YOG 2012, need visa
4 mths usce,4 us lors all psychiatry
2 yrs exp in home country in psych
Extensive research,6 single author publication,8 presentation. In psych
5 ivs UAB,uni of Louisville,rutgers nj,Maimonides. Saint Elizabeth dc
Last year I didn't have usce and step 3
This forum was vv helpful
Congrats to all who matched,best of luck to the rest
Hi Psychosomatic
Congratulations for getting matched.
I am an Indian trying for psych since 2yrs. I need some advice. Could u pls send me ur email. My email is rk15207
This is my third match. I don't know if I should give up.

2013 Carib grad, US citizen
Step 2-210
Step 2 cs passed on 2nd attempt
Step 3- 198

Interested in psychiatry. Received 3 interviews this year, one was prematch.

Been working as a mental health counselor since September. And doing part time volunteer psych research and attending residency lectures since last July. I don't know what else to do. Any advice is welcomed!
Hi Psychosomatic can u pls contact me on girishgvgirish i need an advice. I am 2005 grad, hv done post graduation in pharmacology in my home country. step 1 -83(202), step2 ck -222,cs -1st attempt passed, step3-205. USCE in peds of 1 month
had applied in peds n IM this yr, had 1 inv in Peds but cud not match.
what are the chanced next year if i exclusively apply in psych??
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