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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Smc2002 u can look some previous post here and you will hve some info. Last yr guys had done pretty good job. You can get more info from there also
I thought programs were supposed to be "all-in" or "all-out" in NRMP? When I check FREIDA, a lot of the programs that I know to be prematch say "Yes" next to NRMP in FREIDA. Is there a way to actually see if a program is truly prematch?
Has anyone gotten an IV or rejection from Creighton Nebraska and NYMC at Westchester?

I got a message from Westchester today, sounded like a generic one by the interim PD (the previous PD had resigned a couple of weeks ago) and it said "I hope you will feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Please be assured of our continued interest in your application, and look for a further response from my office soon."

Did all of you that applied there get this as well?
Got it .
Nevermind my question btw, I can't sleep so I read through all the pages and found my answer ;-)
footy: if they don't appear NRMP, it's a prematch
@wynn... thanks

rejection: scottsdale
Can anybody who interviewed at Bronx-Lebanon can share the experience. I will be really grateful!!!
... sorry guys. post number was 666, and i just can't handle that =P
I applied to 31 programs, but received responses from 4 only(all rejections).Today, I emailed the rest 27 and a few minutes ago got 5-th rejection from Eastern Virginia medical school program. Yoohoo! Im expecting now a shower of rejections!
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