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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Ok, what did I say? next response/rejection from ETSU:
"I checked and your application is inactive. Although we have sponsored visas and accepted foreign grads, we give preference to United States citizens and to graduates of American medical schools. We have received in excess of 1100 applications for 5 spots, so the competition is strong. We appreciate your interest in our program.
Karen Mabe
Residency Coordinator"
keep your heads up everyone. matching process is far from over...
And how I am supposed to take that ?
"We do not individually respond to candidates with status updates, as we do all of our communications through ERAS. We will be in touch with candidates through ERAS if we are going to invite them for an interview, and have extended the bulk of our invitations at this point. That being said, we are retaining a small waiting list as well, so to comment at this point would be somewhat predictive, possibly inaccurate, and I feel unfair to other candidates who have not inquired.

Thank you for your interest in our program."
it means 'dont ask cuz we dont wanna answer'
rej from Creedmoor
@mar1999 did you get the creedmoor rejection after emailing? What did they say? I emailed them about a week ago, but no response...
@psychmatch2 Yep, right after emailing:
"In answer to your inquiry regarding your application for residency, please be advised that our application is not being considered for interview for the class of July, 2015.

Did you use the email they have on their website? Maybe I emailed the wrong person.
@ psychmatch2, this is who I emailed to :
Oh ok, thanks for the info!
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