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Psychiatry Interview/Rejection Status 2015 - drsbg
Anyone interested for interview preparation? please leave your skype id.
anyone interested for interview prep? please leave your skype id
Rej Yale-New Haven Medical Center
i am looking for psych interview practice ASAP

sunflowerk22 skype id
@surahi222 im adding u there and will start practice from monday.
Just a note on the previous Step 3 posts... I spoke to a number of programs about the status of my application and having Step 3 done is a HUGE bonus (which I don't have yet). IMG Psych residents have had a lot of trouble passing it, and they want that hurdle cleared before they give you a spot. Basically, any program that says Step 3 "preferred" really means "required." :-(

May be what they told you is true for that particular program;however, I doubt it is a very detrimental!

I believe interview invitation is a multifactorial and it is not just this or that factor.
News, anyone? Are any of you waitlisted somewhere? I heard some programs inform applicants that they are waitlisted, others don't.

I'm waitlisted at one program that I know of, and I only know that bc I have a contact there.
After calling programs this week, just wanna share these info

Still reviewing apps-UAMS,Brookdale, St John NY, Meharry, UT Houston, UT San Antonio
Done with sending invites-Larkin, Univ of ND, Griffin in OK, Univ of OK, UTMB
IV slots full, will review apps if there are cancellations- Wake Forest,Albert Einstein (Bronx),Albert Einstein (Bronx-Lebanon), Beth Israel,

Univ of MD--if you havent heard from them by Dec 23, you werent selected for interview as per PC
@mitch_md: thanx for the updates......
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