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2016 pathology gather here - ilovepathology
Acknowledgement from clevland, duke, brigham and uni of south carolina.
Hi everyone,
Please count me too, skype group is a good idea.. I'm still waiting for my LORs and MS transcripts to be released Sad
Good luck
No ivs in pathology yet ?? Anybody?
when do interviews start coming in any idea?
when to expect?
what do you guys think r plus points for path residency?
a? home country residency
b) phd
c) step 3
d) observership
e) posters/ paper presentation
f) research experience

anything else?
does anyone think that we need a skype group for path only?
I think all is a plus.
Suggest people if we need a group on Skype
Hi guys - applying this year for path but not sure if I am going to get any interviews. my step 1 was 88 step 2 was 76 and failed step 3 the first time but scored a 200 the second time. I am not sure if I will get any interviews at all but I am praying. I am IMG who worked in path for 3 years. I hope we all get interviews and that we match. Does anyone know if my combination is a total no go for path?
got my first rejection from Duke .... Im assuming this will be the first in a long line of rejects. How about you guys? Any interviews/rejects? also got acknowledgements of receipt from cleveland clinic and USC
hey do u mind sharing a little more about urself.
u have any background in path? whats ur visa status like?
this time the path club seems very quiet. i dont know what to make of it.
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