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2016 pathology gather here - ilovepathology
its definitely quiet. I graduated in 2010 and been working in path for 3 years. I have done some research but no publications of poster presentations. I also have some experience in medical microbiology so I'm hoping that this combination can land me some interviews despite my fumble on step 2 ck and step 3. I also will need a visa. How about you @ Ilovepathology?

One o fmy colleagues who has a green card did get an interview though.
I'm applying too this year.
Just got acknowledgement from Duck, Cleveland clinic, South Carolina and Birmingham woman's hospital.
Hope for the best for everybody.
Hey lucky charm can u share ur credentials
Just got acknowledgement from Boston University - wow you guys are really quiet - is everyone just getting interviews and quiet lol?
Absolutely all r so quiet, worrisome Sad me too ack from Boston uni
did anyone get interviews thus far? My colleague got one from case western otherwise its all been quiet.
Colleague is fmg?
Super worried I am not receiving even an acknowledgment except 1 rejection!!
who is your rejection from @ adds. No fortunately, my colleague has her green card in hand so she does not need a visa.
@adds - share ur credentials if u can.
my inbox is so quiet. Sad
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