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2016 pathology gather here - ilovepathology
Thank you for the nice words.
I don't know if those positives will cure the one big problem.
Still hoping.
How about you?
wow lucky charm those are some excellent positives!!!! I dont think you may have as much issues as you perceive. I am actually considering a PhD if I dont match.
Superb credentials !!
step 1 208
step 2 233
step 3 201
md path home country
1 mnth obsie in uni teaching hosp,
5 publications
2 posters
1 paper
you too have good credentials... Lets see how things turn up. 1 week more before there will be activity..
thanks adds. yog is 2010.
just keeping fingers crossed.

there has been iv sent out for texas a&m. In other forum
i think u r talking about sdn.
yes. i saw that too. i think first amg's are called. then i think its img's
this forum says sep 21-23rd or something first iv came.
god knows whats going to happen.
yes.. From now to dec that is how each day will go..And seriously I still had hopes till feb25 which was rank order list deadline!!!
Thank you very much adds.
Let's support each other on this thread and we all get inspired and do our best in the interviews and match.
Wish everybody the best.
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