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2016 pathology gather here - ilovepathology
I agree with luckycharm. this group really helps and serves and a great source of support. lets keep it going and keep updating it.
drpath, about PhD. It won't be necessary if you match this year.
Let's hope for the best.
Thank you for your positive comments about my credentials.
lets do hope so! God is good! Got to keep praying Smile
i know.. need to stay hopeful.
lets keep this forum alive... silent inbox so far. except boston uni ack.
Be positive about is rosaiackerman.
It's the beginning of the season and MSPE hasn't been released to the program yet.
So we'll see some activities next Month.
Cheer up friends.
Just out of curiosity luckycharm - what do you have a PhD in? Of course if you don't feel comfortable answering its totally fine and understandable. No offense would be taken.
No problem.
I have a master's degree in pathology and worked as Instructor in pathology back in my home country.
I have a PhD in neuroscience. I'm applying for neuropathology in some programs who have this choice.
Don't worry. I'm a outgoing person who usually don't keep a huge secret about my past experience.
If you really interested in research and a PhD program I'll suggest get a PhD in pathology and find a mentor who has connections in pathology
ok thats sounds great. hopefully I wont be having to search for a PhD but you never know how these things go.
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