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2016 pathology gather here - ilovepathology
Can't wait for oct 1
i dont know whats happening.
just trying to forget that i even applied Sad
Just received email from [email protected] And I skipped a beat!!!

Was trying to use pubmed!!

Guys do you think a masters or a PhD is better to do if I don't match? I'm just trying to think out loud. Do any of you have any suggestions? Would a program look well in a masters program?
my inbox has never been so silent.. not a single mail till now..
this is really eerie.. m also trying to evaluate my back up options u know.
some times nothing that we do seems to make an impact on people,
all other specialties r getting iv's and or rejections.
and i am sitting here with nil communication.
I hear you brother! My fear is that it will remain silent but we have to keep hope and pray! God is good and he knows best. We can only pray for direction.
whats scary is the fact that rejections havent come in.. neither has anything for that matter except for a few acknowledgements which mean absolutely nothing u know... Sad
probably we have to wait looks like.
Perhaps. I'm guessing within the next two weeks we'd be getting either ivs or rejections. My colleague got a 2nd interview from Texas a and m. They have a green card.
ya amg's seem to get a lot. fmg's are to wait more i think.
puzzling is the fact that rejections also havent come. i mean how much time would they need to decide against our application right. its takes a single mail to say dude you are out.
surprisingly that also hasnt come our way looks like. or maybe we r so unimportant that they wont bother sending out rejections looks like. sorry to be this cynical but thats how circumstances seem to be,
Lol I'm pretty sure they should send a rejection for sure. Some of at least not all. How many programs have you guys applied to?
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