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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny
Just got an email from NYCOM. They are saying we do not need to prepare for the interview, it is not a test of our medical knowledge.

Did you guys have any update?
Got an interview date for 1/23.Any idea ?what do they ask?
yes, I got the same thing but I would like to prepare for it so if anyone like to join me, plz let me know.
Mine on 22
The interview is very quiet like sc. No need to prepare , just be ready to talk and understand the actors. You will not perform any physical examination and treatment. Questions from the faculty member are general- tell me about you and so on.
My question to you all- are you ecfmg certified or TOEFEL? Are there any preferences betwin these two categories? Which one is preferable?
I'm With TOEFEL, no ecfmg.
And the second question are all invited applicants from NY, CT, NJ. ? Is (are) there any applicant (s) from other states?
Third question how many groups interviewed already?
I am ECFMG certified from NY area. Thank you
I'm not ecfmg certified but have taken TOEFl !
My TOEFEL score is 92.
anybody scheduled on Jan 30?
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