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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny
My interview for EPP is scheduled for 1/23 there anything to prepare ?Are we suppose to do physical exam on a patient ?please help.
My IV on 1/23 .Are we suppose to dress up formally like in a suit or just a dress pant and a shirt?Please help.
It's always better to look nice. In my view suit always better.
Guys who had an interview already. Could you tell me please what cases you have ?
I was wondering if you guys know anyone applied to the NYIT EPP program and did not get an interview this year??
it looks like everyone applied get an interview. please share?? thanks
As I know not all applicants are invited. It's very competitive!
Do you know someone personally? The program interviewing 24 applicant every day, this about 600 applicants in 2 months
it's not every day. About 10-12 groups were interviewed up to now. They will interview some more applicants (out of Tristate)!
I don't know anybody in person but I'm positive about. Not all qualified applicants were (are) invited.
did you guys get an email for security background check screening? what should we do for it?
Anymore interview dates??
Yes, any more interviews? Does anyone know how many groups (candidates) were interviewed already?
Aladdin, I did from Certiphi Screening but no email from the college with the login and password yet. Does anyone have?
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