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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny
Mine was 1 step TOEFEL mastery course
epp thanx for ur response and pls 1 last qst. did u do any test to know u were ready for it,i seem to be low in reading and listening.How do I tackle that with the noteful or other material.thank u
anyone with advice on how to tackle listening and reading on toefl should pls provide me with resourcefull info/from past experience.
Thank you,God bless us all
For all TOEFEL related questions it Is better to check TOEFEL forums and TOEFEL official website. You will find a lot of information you need. Good luck !
Any new interview dates???
My interview was on 01/23 and 24 ppl were invited.
You guys have any update about anything?
@epp2015 and usmle2k12.
Do you have a deadline to submit your toefl score ?

If it is the case I don't think that they will make any decision before that date .
As per their website (now that section is closed for this year), they need to receive everything by the deadline. Which include your application, credentials, toefl etc.

Hope that helps.
TOEFL scores and all documents should have been delivered before deadline: 12/01/2014
Did you have the interview already? Did they contact you already?
@ epp2015

I had my interview on 1/20/15. Did not hear anything back from them as of today. I guess last interview date was February 2nd. Do you have any update?
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