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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny

To my knowledge the last interview was early February, no more interviews were conducted after then, we should wait 6 to 8 more weeks to be contacted based on the admission rep I talked to today. GOOD luck to all and please keep us informed in case anyone gets any update.

Per this forum they interviewed about 116.

Another 6 to 8 weeks is too long to wait for the outcome. I do not understand why they are taking so long. They can decide right after the match and post match. Lot of the candidates also applied for the match.

We should keep us informed about any update.

Good luck to all.

I completely agree with you, this is taking so long. But are you sure they interviewed 116 only? to my knowedge around 10 groups were invited for interview in January and February, each group has 20 candidates or at least the day I had my interview my group had 20 candidates, so if other groups have the same number this will make up the total at 200?? Correct me please if I am wrong
Some days they had 12, some days 24 and 20.

Based on all the input we received in this forum 116-120 candidates they interviewed. There were only 12 of us during my interview date.

I am giving you the candidate number based on forum information.

Did you interview on February 2nd?

Yes my interview was the last one. We were 20 candidates and they have said they are going to admit 30-35 only out of the interviewed candidates which based on your numbers make up 30% only. I had my background check done few days ago and took way a long time and I don't know if other candidates have their check done which may be the reason behind taking a long time. However, at the end of our interview they have told us to wait till late April early May for the admission results which was confirmed by the representative I talked to this morning
My background check is done. I think everybody is done with the check by the first week of March.

I got all 'Pass" except 'Subject data' which is in "Review". I don't know why it is in review. It (Subject data) includes my name, DOB, address and ssn.
Admission ration will be about 1:4.

During our interview date they said they will admit 25-30 students in the EPP.
Here is the problem with NYIT admission reps, each one gives you different feedback, I was told 30-35 will be admitted, you were told 25-30. Before my interview, I called the admission office at two different occasions, the first rep told me there is no need to prepare as the interview will be as an assessment of your communication and interpersonal skills however, other rep told me Ill be asked clinical questions by the interviewing physician. it seems you can't rely on what admission reps tell you as they are probably not well trained to respond to EPP candidates questions and concerns. I was told today to wait till late April Early May but who knows we may start get their letters by the end of this month!

In my case interview process was exactly same as they explained in the email. I think they do not have any set number. They will admit in a rolling basis to complete the class. If the get less US regular students then they will admit more EPPs or otherwise.

Did you get all "Pass" in your background check?

Anybody else has any "Review" in the background check? Please share.
I spoke with another applicant last night. He is waiting for his CBC (back ground check). It was not complete as of yesterday.

Will appreciate any update.
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