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C$A, the most unnessecary thing in the world -
C$A - csa@csa.csa

The Constitution of the United States of America

>>> We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish JUSTICE, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity....<<<

Without the CSA there would be a too big competition for the US medical students because of foreigneirs with their better scores so what could have been done ? They introduced the CSA...Why ? To

1. minimize and pressure us with the time we need for the match

2. discust us with 2 CSA centers (wow, still have to wait 3 months !)

3. to make a lot of money ... even from those who have to support a family in a third world country

I say that is all done on purpose, to keep a fraction of us out...and to favor the american grads.

Whoever decided to introduce the CSA, read your constitution and don't count your money.

Don't you think Step 1 and 2 as well as the TOEFL wasn't enough proof that we speak english and know something about medicine ? No ? Ok, just to be sure we will pay $1,200 and screw up our match. Just to be sure. But you be sure that the day for you will come that you need to face God.

I know that they plan to introduce the CSA for the US students also, but that does not justify anything.
Because you already broke your own laws and destroyed many peoples hopes and dreams.

I agree, unfortunately we can`t do anything, if we want to practice in the USA, then we have to play by their rules and regulations, let me tell you onething, this exam can be passed, we just have to organize ourselves, correct the right material and vala.

And you forgot to mention that those who passed it, need to re-take it in three years for revalidation, if they didn't manage to get into residency training. ECFMG is afraid of your losing all the clinical skills!!!
True Blue

I do agree with your comments. I heard AMA will take FSMB to court regard this CSA exams and try to eliminate this exam. Due to the requirement that U.S medical students must take this exam by next year.

Number one: US constitution doesn't apply to you or "those who have to support a family in a third world country", it only applys to the US citizens. Keep supporting it and stop bitching about CSA. If the system is so unfare stay where you are in your own system and enjoy your own constitution.

Many of foreign grads can't even speak normal English. I don't know how medicine is practiced in your country but in the US you have to actually be able to communicate with your patients and CSA is institituted for exactly this. Many of you friends who got to the US before CSA can't even speak well enough to teach their med students (I experienced this).

And by the way, how many countries even give you the opportunity to practice there after having foreign medical diploma (how about yours?)?

You the idiot, it expires after 3 years after the passing date, if one hasn't managed to find a residency. Here is the response about both non-existing opportunities and the exam's necessity. I am a US citizen who was unlucky enough to graduate from a foreign medical school. All this system is just about extorting money from people, including Americans, but especially from foreigners. So keep ur mouth shut, or pay those crooks. I hope you understand that US Constitution DOES apply to me, and I don't have family in a third-world country, you the arrogant brainless jerk.

regarding your response to my previous post:
I am a US citizen too. And I am also graduating from a foreign medical school and somehow not bitching about the system which is not made for me but mostly for non-US docs. I am just going through it to accomplish my goals. You forgot one little thing. You are not unlucky enough to graduate from foreign medical school. You were dumb enough not to make it to American medschool, and so was I. We found a loop hole to become doctors, so now we have to pay for it.
Your personal insults don't add any class to you, they just prove my point.

That doesn't prove anything, but one point: those guys'appetites are never satisfied. If you enjoy paying them, that's O.K. I do not like it, as I have to re-take it, and pay my second time. Besides the money, it involves serious problems scheduling and long waiting time before the performance report. It also has its repercussions on our residency search.

I totally agree with XXX. It is all about money. There is one of the good quote out there that said "Money is the root of all evil". We foreign medical graduates are the victim of this Evil.

When you see a new patient, say, in an admission unit, you don't spend 15 minutes with him/ her, including the notes!!! It takes much longer!!! It is understandable that the guys from ECFMG need many SP's to claim that the test is valid, and your competence is measured. As a result, it doesn't measure anything, except some spoken English, time management and examinee's ability to perform as an actor/ actress in one of the two theaters, one is in Atlanta, another in Philadelphia. I NEVER heard from graduate medical education officials that the quality of residents have improved since the CSA was introduced in 1998.
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