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C$A, the most unnessecary thing in the world -

if "Money is the root of all evil", what are you trying to come to the US for?
don't worry

Don't worry...soon we have CSE instead of CSA. 10 centers. Enjoy!!!
ashraf - dr_shayani

joel - joelnnewi

I agree to some estent with both sides of the divide but one fact that cannot be ignored is that the USA is giving a lot of us the chance to learn medicine and earn a decent livelyhood. so, if we have to pay a little price for that chance, who cares?

plus Iraq'war needs $$$ and president's re-election needs $$$$

hi i'll be giving my csa next mth,i know alot of people who took it & said it was a waste of time & money.they r all very smart young doctors practicing in one of the best residency programs.we r all here to learn & expereince something in medicine then go back & practice in own country.i think i'll pass this exam but again it kind of hard when people say its useless!
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