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Is clinical mastery series worth the money?? - indigoin
or should i stick to nbme ??? thanks
Plzz help me guys
Did you do UW yet?
choice is yours they are just more q ways to think and answer .people mostly do to practice more q ....if you have money n time can do ...doing more q never hurt for exams


i've been asking myself the same question lately about this
concerning clinical mastery series, will you recommend it to somebody?

So here's my story guys I prepared for ck in August 2014 but due to family problem had to postpone is, anyway my scores were not that either 182 nbme 6 192 nbme 4. I started again in my 2015 n I am left with surgery. I don't have many nbme left n wanna keep uwsa for week before exam.
I know nbme 7 is crazy , so will doing clinical mastery help or should I take the bull by horns ( nbme 7)
i have yet to do Clincal mastery q myself online but did some on this forum.they are good q but cant be use as assessment of exam but just one subject so if you think you are weak in one subject do it .....but again most people say UW UW UW ....

so again its your money n time .....but first do UW
I did all of them online and I really liked them. I think they are a mixed bag. Some questions will give you a lab finding that will point you in other direction and then the answer is something else. It's different from world. I don't know how it helps you asses your progress cause there is no correlation. Just used it for exposure. The stems aren't long and you will finish it before the time, 15-20 mins before. So, it isn't representative of the real deal. But, from what I have seen on the other forms some people really recommend it. The only problem is looking for answers as it can take up the entire day. So, like @medplus said, use it if you have the time and money, otherwise stick to u world first and maybe do the weak areas from there?!

thanks for the input @doc and medplus
thanks guys , i think i will take a nbme online first to see where i stand. will keep u informed.
thank you
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