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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
Step 3. 220

Board Scores = Checked
USCE = Checked
Pubs = Checked
YoG = 8 years - might limit you from some filters, use Match-A-Resident for a better list of programs to apply
US LoR = Where are they if you did 2 months of USCE? This is very important!!!

I think you have good chances.
Thank you @ ryanhope, much appreciated
Guys, need some urgent help. I have been waiting for my CK scores to apply. I just received them and authorized the release of my usmle transcript. Can i apply right away now? or do i need to wait for a while for a while before applying? i've heard of people mentioning the need to wait for a day or so.
Since you guys have applied, please help me out!
Thanks a lot!
If all else is ready , please apply today.. It usually takes 1-2 days for the usmle transcript to be made available to programs after you authorize it's release and apply to programs..
Thanks a lot! Will apply now.
Good luck to [email protected] roro
WTF is wrong with IM??... Why so slow in sending IV/Rej???... Pediatrics is so darn active!! so is FM!!
Anyone got anything today?
Nothing. ...IM seems to be the tortoise in the race
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