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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
Tortoise???... They seem to be on dope!!...
Lol. This is insane. But very soon proposals and rejections are gonna be flying around (yes I'm piggybacking off that very funny marriage proposal post). Calm before the storm people
For those of you who want to track Acknowledgements, Rejections, and Interviews sent by programs and to which members you can do so from the following link!

I spent much time compiling this information and would appreciate if you also contributed to it (with your scores)
Guys, want your opinion on this- In 2015, Total IM positions were 6770, now, 49 % was matched by AMGs, which is about 3500. Now this year, even if that is 3700, we IMGs have 3000 positions for ourselves.Now I have 3 questions which is gonna ease the puzzle-

1) Estimate of total IMGs applying for IM
2) Estimate of no of applicants with both Step 1 & 2 > 250 ( since they are 90 % sure to match )
3) Estimate of US IMGs ( citizens + GC holders) with scores > 220 ( they will match too )

The rest is for us to grab. Kindly leave your opinions.
Acknowledgment from Allegiance Health, Jackson, MI
@mydream2016, that is ONE impressive document. Thank you SO much for putting it together. Really helps to see what programs are active and which ones have yet to send anything out.
@ lidiko,
What is your visa status, if u don't mind me asking..., mine is gc..
I too have applied there, no response so far...
US Citizen, YOG 2006
229/246/Pass (all 1st attempt)
Step3 scheduled for the late December
3 month observership
Ok,thanks and good luck to you..
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