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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
Hi everyone - just wanted to provide a little piece of insight on the # of interviews and we are in the cycle. I know everyone is probably counting their interviews and wondering how everyone else is doing.

1. Don't panic.
2. Some programs don't open up their ERAS until the MSPE (Dean's Letter) gets uploaded Oct 1st.
3. Program directors can apply their USLME score filters at any time. Not receiving an interview may just be because the program director hasn't gotten around to it yet
4. Often times, programs split up the large number of applicants they see with several faculty members. Some faculty members may finish reviewing the applications before others.
5. Yes, there can be tiers of interview offers. Some programs will send out their invites to the top candidates first and see which ones fill up their interview slots. There will be additional waves. I wouldn't start emailing programs just yet.

It's a stressful time. But, it's a marathon. We are just getting started.

Steve -

Wish you good luck everybody,
step1 239/step2 230/ pass/ 2006/GC - 5 posters. research associate.
Applied on 9/16 and 17, nothing for now!
Same here
Silence is killing me.
Me tooo!!!!
Refreshing my email every 15 min 😊
Silence till now....
Nothing for me, 225,227, CS (1st time pass), 2015 YOG, US IMG. decent letters, not great. 2 acknowldegments so far. Mid tier carib school, can't apply to NY, NJ, CA, TX, FL, etc.

No rejections, no invites...
Hi everyone

No invit/reject so far. 230,230,CSpassed first attempt for all. YOG2014, need visa. No publication so far.

What are the odds for me?

Good luck everyone
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