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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
I don't have step 3 and I only have 1 month obs. YOG 2010. Crazy. I may just not match. It's sick to think about it.
its not like that...some match .some dont match...that happens every year..I have seen ppl on either jus focus on application and gettin ready on sept 15th
hello omalizumab890,

did you have step 3 score last year when you applied.?

and whats is a prematch iv? sorry this will be my first match.

Hey guys I don't want to seem like an ass or anything because Im already a pgy 1 in IM I matched last year, however I have some mayor family issues almost made me quit, however I have to move to a different state, my question is Is it possible to apply to this match again in IM, or is this a violation< i would rather transfer as pgy2 but i guess that is really hard
Hi Omalizumab,

I remember you from last year. Hope we all get match this year.
Step1: 239, Step2: 227, CS: Pass, many papers, posters and a book chapter, YOG:2010, 3 months USCE, 3months Observership in top ranked unis, 4 US LoRs, Visa needed. 2nd match.

Prematch iv is nothing different. ..iv in a prematch program. ..dats all..They offer position even before match...but those programs r very few
Ya let's hope v make it dis [email protected]
260/255/waiting result, 2010 grad, 1 publication, no usce.
Can you please share your step3 experience?I would die to have a score like yours.I would really appreciate your advice.
uworld thats all i would suggest...for biostats i wud suggest uworld 25$ subsciption....thats all...ccs know d the software well...n do uworld ccs
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