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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
@ Omalizumab,

what have you added to your application this year?
Best field out there. You'll get it. With IM you can specialize.
You can specialize into geriatrics, palliative care, endocrinology, rheumatology.. All of which pay less than general IM hospitalist work (+years of lost income while in fellowship) Smile ...but money isn't everything in this life. Cardiology/gastroenterology/oncology are very competitive subspecialties and they are not realistic goals for an FMG who matches into a community program with no in-house fellowship.

Just my thoughts.. you should want to do general IM if you apply IM, not apply to IM because you can avoid doing general IM, lol.
@aminbst I had jus 2 months experience last yr..this year i have additional 4 mnths of obsie/extern total 6 months..n since past 2 months I have been doin i gave my step 3..started learning i know a few ppl this time, not sure though if they can this is mostly how i improved tha last yr....lets see if it works out
hw many programs in IM is everyone plannin to apply? I sorted out around 140....out of which i know that many programs i dont have chance but cant skip them as u never know
Bump. everyone done applying
Hey omali, remember you from last year too. Could you tell me how much much time for gave to prep for Step 3?

Step1: 223 Step2: 235 CS: 2nd attempt (!) YOG:2012 ;1 poster presentation; research at uni for >6mo
Hey frontallobe...step 3 I took like 3 months with one month of observership n study simultaneously...jus did uworld. ..
Oh okay. You think a month of uworld is ample enough time?
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