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IM thread for this match - omalizumab890
Got a first interview today! Was very surprised. Thought nothing is sent out till early october
221/230/201 GC All 1st attempts

There was no change in my list of programs to know if the program had downloaded my documents or not
congrats!!! which program?
congrats futuresident16...............
Congrats futureresident16. if you need help with interview prep, let me know, we can connect
Any calls yet
Congratulations futuresident!
Which program??
Hello all. Im planning to apply this year as well. Stucked with LOR's. Only 1 out of 3 letters is uploaded but yet to be released. MSPE not released by my school-thinking to forget about it and apply without it-but im not sure if this is worse than applying late.
My credentials
step 1 236
ck 251
cs pass ( all exams first attempt)
YOG 2008 ( i could only find 40 programs that dont filter my appliction out due to yog)
GC holder; working as a medical assistant in a pcp clinic in us since mid 2012,
no pubs or research

Good luck to all of us!
Any updates?
I haven't even heard from any of my frnds getting IM rejects or ivs...probably it's gonna start after a week or so
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