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Official 2016 Psychiatry Invite/Rejection Thread - diverticulosis
1st rejection: University of Colorado SOM


University of Colorado SOM
Hi guys
My credentials are : step 1 204, step 2 212, cs passed with first attempt, step 3 190s ( 2nd attempt)
YOG : 2013, 2 months of psychiatry elective, 6 months of observership, 8 months research, 2 publications ( 1 in psychiatry)
Applied to 66 programs ( applying only in psych)
Good luck to all of us out there
How do you differentiate between prelim and transitional?

how did you get the rejection letter? Do they send you an email?

They sent the rejection directly to my email. It wasn't through ERAS.
Guys we will be starting a Psych IV practice group as soon as we can. You are welcome to join. With larger group there is more discussion and hence more productive. We had one last year and are hoping for one this year. If interested send me your email at usmleprep3 with your skype ID.

Wishing you all success.
219/211/1st/211(2nd)................. YOG:2008; APPLIED TO 76 so far..........
6 months research in psych (US renowned University) +5 months externship (US hospital) + 2 months volunteer (US hospital) ... will be applying to a few more may be............. applying for psych only.
USMLE: 216/235/1st/-
USCE in psych: none
IMG: yog-2009
APPLIED to: 71
Good luck risperdal and moonsun Smile

For anyone applying for psychiatry this year reading this thread, please when u get a rejection or invite please list it here. I'll be compiling a list in this thread as the season moves along. So far I had 1 rejection yesterday from University of Colorado SOM.

Total so far for everyone:

Rejrctions: Univ. Of Colorado SOM
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