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Official 2016 Psychiatry Invite/Rejection Thread - diverticulosis
LSU OLOL just LOL at our resum├ęs))

Moonsun, we should lol at them. They made a big mistake by filtering us out :-)
Hi Hows my psycho folks doing?
Feeling psychic Smile
hey guys I'd like to join in the conversation here Smile! Hoping to match in Psych this year. Best of luck to everyone here!
Welcome oxytocin07, best of luck to u too Smile Do u mind sharing ur credentials, how many programs you've applied to?
My yog : 2009. Step 1 : 202, Step2ck : 210, Step 3 : 194, CS : Pass. All passed on first attempt. 9 months externship with private psychiatrist, 6 months externship at VA hospital in psychiatry, 15 months research at university program, 3 case reports, 3 poster presentations.

I'm applying for third time.
Dear @drdrd,
It's quite a list. Wow. I have 2 distinct feelings though..
first, I admire your experience. But second, it appears to me that your referees don't really do a great job with their lors. Your credentials and experience are remarkable. Did you get any iv's in previous years?
Hi guys,
Add me too.
230(2nd), 209,CS pass.6months USCE, 1month in psychiatry.yog 2009
Good luck to all for the match

in 2013 i had 2 interviews.

in 2014 i had 8 interviews. 7 in psych and 1 in fm. of these 3 interviews in psych i got bcz i knew someone in those programs. rest i got on my own.
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