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Official 2016 Psychiatry Invite/Rejection Thread - diverticulosis
Hi!. finally I found a forum that is talking about psy!. I am an IMG applying 87 programs. and already got a rejection from LSU.. Good luck people!.
@tmpsmx, yes, US Citizen, Carrib grad
UCSF Fresno sent out a supplementary with additional questions.
so far this what the trend is like... hierarchy goes in this order AMG's, IMG's who are citizens, IMG's with GC, and THEN IMG's needing visa. Some citizens with lower marks and attempts will get interviews earlier than the ones needing visa's with no attempts but higher scores. Just an observation.
@gentamicin--lol, there is no doubt that you formulated that observation at least partly based on my stats. but an interview is an interview no matter when you get it.
Didn't mean to take anything away from you or rain on your parade. My sincere apologies if it came across that way. I'm sure you deserve that interview just as much as the next guy who's worked hard to get here. Congrats buddy.
@gentamicin, trust me we are all stressed, and understand you don't mean it that way.

We are all in the same boat, waiting for IVs. You would think 1 IV is enough to relieve the fear, but it's not really.

At the end of the day we all want to get residency. Let's all just use this forum to help each other, and reassure each other that more IVS will come.

It's not even October 1st yet!
Hear hear Smile
silenco in my inbox
Rejection from LSU OLOL - Baton Rouge Program 4 hours after submitting my application.

Haven't heard from anywhere else yet. Getting kind of nervous...
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