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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
Hi guys! I don't know if this has already been started, but I received something today that I wanted to mention.

University of Minnesota Family Medicine program at St. Cloud's

I received an email inviting me to fill out a supplemental application form online:

We are excited about your application and would like to know more about you. Complete the following online supplemental application to provide additional information about your background and interests:

I don't want to read into this, but you basically just fill out a new application about your scores and us clinical experience...etc.

anybody else get this? I submitted my application this morning at about 930 am EST and received this a few hours ago.
I got the same thing, not trying to read into it too much either, but I think it's better than a rejection.
I don't want to seem discouraging... But they send it every year... And some get IV and others don't ... My 4 friends got it last year and they all got rejns later...
Be patient and don't read too much into it.... It is 50:50 chance for an IV...
good news is no rejection yet. i guess they started later and sending rejections later too.
I got it last year... It was one of the 5 FM interviews that i got. It is a good program specially if you already live in Minnesota...

once they invite you.. they'll also provide you with a place to stay and will offer pre interview dinner.

Also, as far as i remember it was a very comprehensive interview. 4 different people did interviews about 1/2 each.. went through your resume and your PS in great detail.
it is a university affiliated community based programs.. focusing on refugees from sumalian
oh wow! thanks for all of that information usmle239!
I got a rejection from University of Nebraska, but I applied to multiple programs under the University of Nebraska: grand island, scottsbluff, north platte, norfolk, kearney. So I'm not sure which one is rejecting me or if all are.
Can you guys post your credentials along with your invite/interviews
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